What's old is new again, again. There has been a resurgence in straight wall cartridges stemming from new laws on the books in certain states. Previously only allowing shotguns for hunting deer, states like Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and our own Pennsylvania are now allowing the use of rifles chambered for straight wall cartridges. Now, this isn't hunting advice, we always recommend checking with your local game commission to verify which laws they have on the books today.

Many manufacturers have added straight wall versions of their most popular rifles as a response to this new market segment. Some optics manufacturers even have dedicated optics for straight wall applications. Luckily for you, we have scope mounts for most of these applications already!

.350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster have been receiving a lot of press lately because they are the new kids on the block, but they aren't the only straight wall cartridges. There are plenty of other tried and true cartridges on the market including:

.357 Magnum
.41 Magnum
.44 Remington Magnum
.444 Marlin
.45 Long Colt
.45-70 Government
.454 Casull

We make scope mounts for many different models and this list of straight wall cartridge compatible mounts is not comprehensive. We have included some of the most popular rifles and mounts that we make.

Savage Axis
Savage Round Back
Thompson Center (T/C)

Our Keystone Rings work great with our rails and you save 10% when you purchase a set with a mount.
1" Tube
30mm Tube
34mm Tube

For more information on straight wall cartridges, we recommend starting here: