The 1911 is a classic design for a semi-automatic handgun that has been in use for over a century. It was designed by John Browning and first used by the US Army in 1911, hence the name. Since then, the 1911 has become one of the most popular and iconic handgun designs in the world.

Over the years, several variations of the 1911 have been produced, including the Series 70 and Series 80 models. These two models differ in their trigger mechanisms, which affects their performance and safety features.

Series 70 1911s

The Series 70 1911 was introduced in the 1970s as an improvement over the original 1911 design. It is a classic version of the 1911, and is favored by many enthusiasts for its simple and reliable design. The Series 70 uses a traditional trigger mechanism that has been used on 1911s for decades. It is a single-action trigger that requires the hammer to be cocked manually before the trigger can be pulled. This trigger design provides a very light and crisp trigger pull, which is preferred by many competitive shooters.

One thing to note about the Series 70 is that it does not have any sort of firing pin safety. This means that the firing pin is always in contact with the primer of the round in the chamber, and any impact on the back of the slide could cause the gun to discharge. This makes it important to practice proper gun handling and safety techniques when using a Series 70 1911.

Series 80 1911s

The Series 80 1911 was introduced in the 1980s as an improvement over the Series 70. It uses a trigger mechanism that incorporates a firing pin safety, which helps prevent accidental discharges. The firing pin safety blocks the firing pin from moving forward until the trigger is pulled. This helps prevent the gun from firing if it is dropped or bumped.

The Series 80 trigger also has a different feel from the Series 70 trigger. The trigger pull is slightly heavier and less crisp due to the extra parts in the trigger mechanism. This can make the Series 80 less desirable for competitive shooting, but it can be a safer option for everyday use.

Which is better, Series 70 or Series 80?

Whether the Series 70 or Series 80 is better for you depends on your intended use for the gun. If you are a competitive shooter or collector, you may prefer the classic design of the Series 70 with its light and crisp trigger pull. However, if you plan to use the gun for self-defense or everyday carry, the added safety features of the Series 80 may be worth the sacrifice in trigger feel.

It's worth noting that both the Series 70 and Series 80 1911s are excellent firearms that have been used and trusted by shooters for decades. Ultimately, the decision between a Series 70 or Series 80 comes down to personal preference and the intended use of the gun.