The extractor in a 1911 is like a helpful hand that grabs the used part (the spent cartridge case) from the gun's chamber and pulls it out, making way for a fresh round to be loaded for the next shot. This process is integral to the pistol's cycle of operation, ensuring the gun can fire, eject, and load new rounds smoothly and reliably. We often get asked about the difference between our extractors, which you will learn here.

GI (Improved) Extractor

Our GI Improved Extractor truly lives up to its name by offering an upgraded take on the original GI extractor. This enhanced version boasts a redesigned structure that seamlessly fits with 1911 models, all while retaining the timeless aesthetics of the classic GI extractor. Unlike traditional hook designs that usually feature a simple right-angle cut, we've taken a different approach. Our hook is machined at an acute angle, providing a larger contact area that offers a more secure grip on the cartridge case.

While standard right-angle configurations in other extractors can be weak points, we've addressed this concern by incorporating radii on both sides of our extractor. This addition significantly strengthens the extractor's overall durability. The hook itself is precision-machined using a specialized cutter, resulting in a smooth radius along the inner corner. This thoughtful engineering detail specifically targets a common failure point in many extractors.

In essence, our GI Improved Extractor not only captures the essence of the classic GI extractor but also enhances its performance through innovative design considerations and careful craftsmanship.

Practical Extractor

The Practical Extractor stands as an excellent intermediate choice, seamlessly combining reliability with adaptability. Alongside the revamped hook design, our extractors undergo vacuum heat treatment, resulting in exceptional spring properties that ensure consistent tension even over 70,000 rounds of use. To enhance cost-effectiveness and reduce weight, we've crafted this extractor with a turned-down body. This feature not only streamlines costs and weight but also simplifies tuning for optimal extraction outcomes. Thanks to its sleeker design, achieving precise tuning with this extractor becomes more manageable. However, don't be deceived by its slender appearance – this extractor maintains the same level of durability as our HD extractor.

HD Extractor

The Heavy Duty extractor features an enhanced hook geometry that guarantees secure and consistent cartridge extraction. Its robust construction is the result of precision machining and meticulous craftsmanship. Engineered for the most demanding firearm applications, this extractor ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions. With the HD extractor, you're equipped with the confidence that your firearm will function flawlessly when it matters most. Whether you're in the field, at the range, or engaged in competitive shooting, this extractor stands as a testament to reliability under pressure. With a hefty build, our HD Extractor is sure to maintain tension. Experience the performance that professionals trust and elevate your shooting experience with our Heavy Duty extractor.