Hunters and shooters, are you tired of buying scope rails only to find out they don't fit your rifle? EGW has developed a solution in the form of the Rail Gauge, a free and printable tool that helps you understand your rifle's measurements.

The Rail Gauge is a multi-functional tool that will assist you in determining the radius of your receiver, as well as provide markings for common hole spacing's and Winchester 70 hole spacing. This information is crucial when selecting the right scope rail for your rifle, and the Rail Gauge makes it easily accessible.

The Rail Gauge also features a ring height guide, which indicates the middle of your scope's position on your rifle. This helps ensure a proper fit, so you can make informed decisions about purchasing EGW rings.

To access the Rail Gauge, simply download and print it out. Keep it in your gear room as a reference, so you can confidently choose the right scope rail for your rifle every time.

Don't let ill-fitting scope rails hold you back. Get your hands on EGW's Rail Gauge today and take the first step towards understanding your rifle's measurements. Happy hunting!

Note: These are meant to be printed on 8.5/11in letter paper. They also must be printed in landscape orientation. Otherwise, they will not be accurate. There is also a 1in scale to make sure the measurement is accurate. Margins may prevent the lines from reaching edge of paper. We recommend cutting off edge after the gauge is printed.

Find the Rail Gauge and Ring Guide HERE: