The EGW Delrin Plunger Tube Stake-In Tool is a specially designed tool that simplifies the installation of a plunger tube on a 1911 pistol frame. The tool is made of Delrin, a high-strength thermoplastic material that is lightweight, and steel. It features a precision fit that ensures the plunger tube is staked in place correctly and securely, preventing it from coming loose.

Tools you will need:
-EGW plunger tube stake-in tool
-Air Grinder or Dremel
-Red Loctite
-1/16th Hex Key for staking screw

  1. First remove the grips from the gun. Using an air grinder or dremmel, make a tiny funnel on the inside of the frame where the two rivets of the plunger tube go in.

2. Next, test fit the plunger tube in the holes and make sure it is facing the correct way. Once the fitment is checked, apply red loctite and re-insert the plunger tube into the frame. Then place the correct groove on the delran block up against the frame and over the plunger tube.

3. Place the frame with plunger tube and delran block into a smooth jaw vise and tighten.

4. Insert staking tool up through frame with the pointed end of the staking screw facing the plunger tube.

5. Next, insert the staking screw into the first plunger tube rivet, hammer the opposite side of the staking tool until the rivet has been swaged.

Repeat for second plunger tube rivet. After the material has been swaged into the funnel, you are finished staking. You can remove any excess material with a dremel.