There are many different commonly used rear sight cuts for 1911s. This image covers many of the most popular that we make plates for.


The most popular rear sight cut is the Novak cut. The bottom of the dovetail measures around .50". Many 1911s use this cut, from Colts to Rock Islands. Some manufacturers do a better job at holding their tolerances with this cut and we have found that sometimes our mounts may require a bit of fitting.


The G.I. cut is the smallest rear sight cut on a 1911 and is commonly found on G.I. style guns.


The Elliason rear sight is most commonly found on Colt's older Gold Cup models. Newer Gold Cups now come with a Bomar style sight. The Elliason rear sight is unique because it is a pivoted blade design that is not cross cut in the slide, it utilizes a cut that runs lengthwise down the slide.


The LPA cut is often confused with the Bomar rear sight cut as both are some of the most common adjustable rear sights on 1911s. The easiest way to tell the difference is the location of the elevation adjustment screw. On LPA rear sights, the elevation screw is located in the center of the dovetail. On Bomar sight cuts, the elevation screw is located slightly behind the dovetail.


The Bomar cut is very similar to the LPA, but the adjustment screw is located slightly behind the dovetail cut. We make specific mounts for each of these rear sight cuts.

LPA Vs Bomar

Sig 10mm Hunter

The Sig P220 10mm Hunter and Sig Supermatch SAO both use the same rear sight cut. It is a proprietary cut, specific to Sig Sauer.

Remington / Para Long Slide

The Remington R1 10mm Hunter and Para Elite RS 10mm Hunter both used the same rear sight cut. This cut was a proprietary cut and was specific to these guns.

S&W Fixed

Smith & Wesson uses proprietary rear sight cuts that are unique to their applications. On slides with fixed rear sights, our S&W Fixed mount will work.

S&W Adjustable

Smith & Wesson 1911s with adjustable rear sight cuts will need to use the S&W Adjustable mount.

Kimber Fixed

Kimber also has a proprietary rear sight cut for their 1911s. Any Kimber 1911s with fixed rear sights use our Kimber Fixed mounting plate.

Kimber Adjustable

Kimber 1911s with adjustable rear sights use our Kimber Adjustable mounting plate. There is some confusion between the LPA cut and the Kimber Adjustable cut. We recommend measuring the front of the cut. If it measures .430" it is an LPA cut, if it measures .413" it is a Kimber Adjustable.

Taurus (Novak)

Taurus uses Novak licensed rear sights, but they are not the same cut as the standard "Novak" rear sight cut. Taurus has a few different rear sight cuts, but their 1911s seem to use the same cut. We are working on making a sight cut that fits this application soon.


Para 1911s use a few different rear sight cuts, the only offering that we have is the Para Long Slide mentioned above.