Are you looking to mount a scope or a red dot to your Smith & Wesson revolver? Our picatinny rails and red dot mounts allow you to easily install your optic and will have you hunting or on the range in no time. There are three quick steps to verify your gun is able to use one of our mounts.

  1. Is your gun a K, L, N, or X frame? If so, move on to the next step to verify our mount will fit!
  2. Swing open the cylinder and take a look under the top strap. If there are holes under the sight, through the top strap, your gun is factory drilled and tapped. You can also remove your rear sight to verify there are holes drilled and tapped all the way through the top strap. If you have those holes, chances are your gun is factory drilled and tapped and our mount should work.
  3. If you have the top strap holes that are drilled and tapped, we recommend measuring the distance between them and confirming they match our dimensions. Sometimes, guns are drilled and tapped after leaving the factory and they may not use a "standard" hole spacing. No need to worry though, if your hole spacing doesn't match our mount, we offer an undrilled version that you can have your gunsmith drill to match your hole spacing.

Smith & Wesson Picatinny Rails

Smith & Wesson Red Dot Mounts

If your gun isn't drilled and tapped, you can always have your gunsmith drill and tap it to match our rail.