Sig has quite a few different plate cuts for their optics ready firearms. For non-optic ready guns, check out our dovetail mounting plates for red dots here.

We currently make mounts that fit two slide cuts. One for the earlier RX models that came with the original Romeo1 cut. The other style of plate that we make fits the P320 / M17 / M18 models that are cut for the Romeo1Pro and Deltapoint Pro. Our P320 / M17 mounts that fit the Romeo1Pro and Deltapoint Pro cut currently do not fit any models with dovetail rear sights. We do not make any mounts that fit the P320 M17 Decommissioned Military version.

The Optics Ready Sig Guns that are cut for the Romeo 1 (not Pro) are drilled and tapped for #6-48 screws.  Our P320 RX mount 49200 will fit the following:

  • Sig P320 RX Optics Ready (Romeo1)
  • Sig X-Five Optics Ready (Romeo1 Non Legion)
  • Sig P320 X-Carry (Romeo1)

The Optics Ready Sig Guns that are cut for the Romeo1PRO have rear holes that are drilled and tapped with 4-40 screws. Your slide needs to have the rear holes for our adapter plate to work with your application. The screws are accessed from the underside of the slide.  

  • Sig M17 (Romeo1Pro)
  • Sig M18 (Romeo1Pro)
P320 RX (Left) - P320 M17 / M18 (Center) - P320 Military Decommissioned (Right)
There are other newer models on the market that fit the Romeo 1 Pro that do not accept our plate. If your slide looks like the one on the right, our plate will not fit.
The P320 M17 has a depth of .047" and a flat rear shelf.