Why are they called the Keystone Rings? Are they made out of stone?

Our Keystone Rings' name is an homage to the official state nickname of Pennsylvania, where we lovingly call home. U.S. history is important to us and we are proud to be located in a state with such deep history, especially materials and manufacturing. Being located in the middle of the original thirteen colonies, as well as playing a key part in shaping the social, political and economic climate, Pennsylvania earned the Keystone nickname. We found it fitting that scope rings also play an integral, or key, part when mounting optics to your application and after much deliberation, the rings were named.

You already had your Tactical Rings, why did you make the Keystone Rings?

Great question, you asked for an affordable alternative to the imported rings that are widely available on the market today. We worked hard to come up with something that met all of your requirements; Precise, U.S. Made, Robust, and Affordable. We also wanted to make sure these rings fit more applications, so we machined the crossbolt to work with Picatinny and Weaver slots.

What are the torque specs?

Recommended Torque Specs:
(T15) Top Cap Screws - 15 in/lbs
(1/2") Crossbolt Nut - 65 in/lbs
Always ensure you push the rings as far forward in the cross slot as possible. This ensures a proper seat, allowing the crossbolt to act as a recoil lug.

Looking for New Scope Rings?

The most common reasons why your rings need to be upgraded:

  1. You bought a new scope with a larger diameter tube - went from 1" to 30mm
  2. You have a new rifle with a picatinny rail, but your old scope has twist in style rings.
  3. You bought a new rifle that has a picatinny or weaver rail and you bought a scope but you don't have rings.
  4. You want to upgrade the rings that came on the gun from the factory to a better quality set.

All of the examples above are perfect reasons why you need our Keystone Scope Rings. They are top notch quality at an affordable price - plus they are made in the USA!

Why are your Keystone Rings better than the competition?

Our Keystone Rings feature quite a few improvements over what the competition has to offer, here are just a few:

  1. First and foremost, our Keystone Scope Rings are proudly manufactured in the USA. That's right, they aren't imported.
  2. Our Keystone Rings are sturdy and robust because they are machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum - they aren't extruded and bandsawed.
  3. Other rings may use an integral recoil lug on one side of the ring or they may "feature" a crossbolt that leaves a lot to be desired. Both of those designs do not offer the strength and rigidity that our fully machined crossbolt offers.
  4. Our Keystone Ring's top caps use 4, US made, T-15 cap screws to secure the top cap to the assembly. When properly torqued, they keep your scope securely mounted to your rifle.
  5. Have we mentioned the price? They are extremely affordable - coming in at $69.99, but when purchased together with a rail, we offer 10% off!

What size rings for a 30mm scope?

Your scope rings should match the diameter of your scope tube.

There are now more options available than before and we understand, it can be confusing. The most common scope tube diameters today are 1", 30mm, and 34mm.

1" = 1.000"
30mm = 1.181"
34mm = 1.338"

1" scopes require the use of 1" scope rings, 30mm scopes require the use of 30mm scope rings and 34mm scopes require the use of 34mm scope rings.

Check out the info-graphics below for more detailed info on our Keystone Rings.