We've seen it before - you have your gun and your scope, but that new short tube, 34mm glass you bought doesn't play nicely on your 7mm Mag. Your go-to twist in rings will not suffice, the tube is too short to reach. You must now use some sort of one piece rail with separate rings! Fear not, we have you covered.

There are many different options, but one of the most common ways to get your glass on your gun is by using an accessory rail.

Which one should I choose?

Well, a picatinny rail of course.

Picatinny rails have a standardized set of dimensions which allow manufacturers to make rails and rings that will play nicely with other manufacturer's products. These include cross slot width, length and spacing. There are other options on the market, but we like picatinny.

You browsed our website and found the rail you need, but now you need rings!

Your brain starts panicking.

What height do I need? Will my lens clear? How did they build the pyramids? What are dreams? Did I remember to put the laundry in the dryer?

You are in luck, we are able to answer a few of those questions!

How do you measure your rings?
We measure our rings from the top of the picatinny to the centerline of the scope. Most of our mounts are either .35" or .4" from the top of the receiver to the top of the picatinny. Our rings come in varying heights, but we have found that for most applications up to and including 50mm objective lenses, our .850" rings will work nicely. Easily see where the centerline of your scope will be by adding the height of the rail and the height of the rings; .350 + .850 = 1.2" (30.479mm for our Euro friends).

Will my lens clear?
95% of the time, if you have a 50mm objective lens or smaller, you can use our .850" rings. If you have a 56mm objective lens, we recommend our .990" rings. We like to use this ring height calculator as a general reference. There are certain times when you will need to run higher rings, but it is typically on a case by case basis. If you have a Remington 700, Savage Short Action, Winchester Model 70 or something tried and true, you can almost guarantee that our .850" rings will work with your 50mm or smaller lens.

****If you are looking to run a scope on your AR platform gun, we recommend using our 1.275" or 1.5" rings depending on the tube diameter and objective lens size.****